Upholstery Cleaning

While some people spend a few hours every week taking care of cleaning around the house, others don’t have the time to make their home look spotless and professional. If you’ve ever tried to clean the furniture in your home, you probably gave up after a few hours. Here at Los Altos Carpet Cleaners, we believe that you should spend more time with your family and less time scrubbing down your house. Our upholstery cleaners can handle every piece of furniture in your home.

Cleaning Expensive Fabrics
You want to make your house look its best, and this usually means that you use a combination of fabrics and furnishings. Whether you love the look of silk, leather and velvet or you prefer more affordable choices like micro-suede and microfiber, our cleaners know exactly what type of product to use on those items to remove odors and stains without damaging the coverings. As we offer fabric cleaning by type, our cleaners will determine if the piece uses wool, synthetic, hand made or machine made covers before beginning the cleaning process.

Removing Stains from Furniture
Los Altos CA homes often feature large and airy rooms filled with several pieces of furniture. The sun streaming in through the windows can highlight the dust and stains on those pieces, but our cleaning will make those pieces look new again. Our customers call us when they want to clean their love-seats, armchairs, ottomans and sectionals, but we also offer sofa cleaning and cleansing of your bed, mattress and couch. Whether you need leather cleaning, an upholstery cleaning service, upholstery steam cleaning or urine damage treatment, we’ll bring our products and tools right to your home. With our expert furniture cleaning, those fabric covered pieces will look fresh and bright again.

Curtain and Blind Cleaning
Whether you rent or own your own home, you might use curtains, blinds or a combination of both. Those window treatments attract dust throughout your home, and you might also notice stains caused by your kids or pets. Your pets might have accidents near the base of curtains while kids grab the higher areas of the windows with dirty hands. Not only can we clean your curtains and blinds, but we can also clean tapestry decorations hanging on your walls. We encourage you to talk to us about any concerns you have regarding the special fiber used in your furniture. Use our contact form or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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