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With the beach right outside your door, finding the time to clean your carpets can feel like a chore. As a resident of one of the most green-friendly cities in the country, we know that you put a lot of time and thought into the products that you use in your home. From the organic produce that you bring home to the natural cleaners that you use in your kitchen, you want to reduce your impact on the environment. Here at Los Altos Carpet Cleaners, we’re pleased to announce that we now offer eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions for your home.

What is Green Carpet Cleaning?
You probably already know that vacuuming your carpet once a week and taking care of stains as soon as they appear can help you extend the life of your carpet, but who has time for that? Between the beach calling your name and your love of the local hiking trails and parks, you want to spend less time cleaning and more time exploring the world. Our green cleaning methods let you relax and enjoy your time outside without worrying about chemicals in your home. Our methods will remove stains and odors without using any harsh chemicals.

Why Go Green?
We remain devoted to learning more about the field, looking at the latest trends and providing our customers with what they want. Since we first opened our doors in 2007, we have believed in providing our customers with the best carpet care using green cleaning methods. Going green lets you help save the environment. The chemicals previously used in carpet cleaning ran off into streams and sewers, harming the animals that relied on those waters. Our new methods of cleaning are safe for the environment and will make you feel better about cleaning your home.

Los Altos, CA, Carpet Cleaning
Do you need to clean the carpet in one room of the house? Do you want to clean your entire house in one large swoop? We offer a number of organic carpet cleaning solutions for our customers, and we’ll clean anything you want us to clean. Our low prices, unblemished record and wall to wall services made us the area’s leading cleaner. Use our simple email form to get coupons and discounts sent to you, or use that form to get in touch with us about scheduling your appointment for green carpet cleaning.

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